DEEPSPACE Integrating Chainlink VRF to Add Stats Into in-game Ship NFTs


DEEPSPACE, the leading blockchain platform, recently announced integrating Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function.) Known for its risk mitigation and yield generating solutions, DPS can immensely enhance its solutions with Chainlink VRF.

The integration will help the blockchain acquire auditable and tamper-proof sources of randomness. DEEPSPACE will use the randomness to assign verifiable and unique stats to its in-game ships minted via the NFT marketplace. The blockchain will also offer different use-cases requiring randomness.

It will create a transparent, exciting, and fraud-free user experience with a high-integrity algorithm. The algorithm will help users mint random ships based on numerous possible ship classes. The classes can vary based on fuel capacities, stats, colors, rarities, etc.

DPS rewards its community by offering transaction tax rewards. The network also allows players to generate revenue by owning in-game resources. Gamers can earn cryptocurrency with DPS by investing time in the DEEPSPACE ecosystem.

With the ability to trade in-game NFTs on DPS’ marketplace, players can grow their wallets and characters. Additionally, an in-built marketplace facilitates quick interaction between players looking to trade items. 

DEEPSPACE requires a secure RNG that users can audit independently to facilitate verifiable and unique stats for NFTs such as minted ships. However, RNG software for smart contracts needs multiple security patches to avoid data manipulation. 

For example, unethical miners can exploit block hashes via on-chain data. Contrarily, off-chain RNG software such as traditional data providers is opaque, eliminating definitive proof regarding the process’s integrity.

DEEPSPACE went over multiple solutions before finalizing Chainlink VRF using its academic research and time-tested framework. Chainlink VRF is secured by on-chain verification and the generation of cryptographic proofs that offer the integrity of every random number provided to a smart contract.

DPS stated that Chainlink was an obvious choice for the platform, given its market success and status. With the integration, DEEPSPACE can offer utmost security and confidence to its global users.

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