DeFi Coin Price Pushes Past $1


Since our last DeFi Coin (DEFC) price prediction news post on July 21st, the DEFC token has risen in valuation over another 50% to break past $1.

At the time of that article the day after its Bitmart listing, DEFC was at 78 cents. Over the weekend the price spiked to $1.67 and is currently trading at around $1.37 on the USDT pair.

DEFC Price on Bitmart

DeFi coin price USDT pair Bitmart

DEFC / USDT pair

This latest pump makes DeFi Coin one of the top 7 gainers on Bitmart for July, boosted by a trading competition the exchange is running until August 4th giving away 40,000 DEFC to the highest volume traders of the token.

The recovery the cryptocurrency markets have made this week with Bitcoin bouncing hard from $29,200 to $34,800 has also helped investor confidence in altcoins.

DEFC Price Prediction

As we covered in our DeFi news section the DEFC protocol is a new project we tipped readers in a June article to buy pre-sale at $0.10.

With this week’s bullish price action DEFC is looking promising to meet analysts’ predictions of it breaking $2 in the coming days and weeks, potentially when the project’s DEX exchange DefiCoinSwap is launched.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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