DeFi protocol Furucombo loses $14 million in Evil Contract attack

DeFi protocol Furucombo loses $14 million in Evil Contract attack

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  1. The worst thing is that it didn’t take the money locked in the protocol. It took directly money from people’s wallet who allowed balance transfert through it.

    Keep your autorizations clean.

  2. tldr; Furucombo, a tool designed to help users “batch” transactions and interactions with multiple DeFi protocols simultaneously, was attacked at 4:45pm UTC on February 28. The attack, using the “evil contract” exploit, netted $14 million worth of various cryptocurrencies. The exploit is quite similar to the one leveraged during last year’s Pickle Finance attack, which netted $20 million.

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  3. I’m very bullish on crypto but it’s crazy to me how if you bring up hacks as a risk, people mention Mt Gox like that’s the only example and people are just tripping over something that pretty much never happens.

    Meanwhile back on planet Earth, like every two weeks something is getting hacked.



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