DeHive Successfully Integrated with xDai Blockchain

DeHive Successfully Integrated with xDai Blockchain

DeHive, over the years, has earned some fantastic partners and are glad to state that they exclusively work with industry leaders. It’s encouraging to hear that leading industry companies are willing to support DeHive and collaborate on a shared offering.

Today, DeHive is excited to announce a new relationship with xDai, a worldwide ecosystem, and a fantastic initiative.xDai is a robust ecosystem with numerous new project migrations, integrations, apps, and a sophisticated toolset for developers.

It contains several significant items, including the following:

  • The xDai chain is a secure EVM Blockchain built for quick and low-cost transactions.
  • The platform’s stable token, xDai, is utilized for transactions, payments, and fees.
  • A STAKE token is a governance token that supports the POSDAO Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol.
  • xDai Bridges that use the TokenBridge Architecture to provide a smooth way to move tokens across chains. There are now two bridges in the ecosystem, the XDai Bridge and the Omnibridge, and several third-party bridges.
  • A BlockScout Block Explorer with transactional transparency, configurable features, along with the portal for xDai programs like staking, the xDai faucet, cross-chain bridge access, and monitoring.

Several Ethereum development tools are compatible with xDai.

The xDai ecosystem is extensive and well-developed, with over 200 projects active on the network today. The DeHive team mentioned that it is happy to work along with xDai. They will be able to create two DeHive Clusters comprising the highest performing tokens on the xDai protocol.

DeHive’s long-time collaborator and ecosystem accelerator is xDai. DeHive will be expanded to additional exchanges and DeFi protocols due to this collaboration and DHV acceptance on another chain.

About DeHive

DeHive is a complete decentralized system that allows users holding of all DeFi tokens in a single index with a single click. The index covers unique and influential DeFi assets used for accessing the crypto-economic market’s health. As a result, performing a single activity can provide you with all of the benefits of the whole crypto-asset basket.

About xDai

XDai is a Cryptocurrency tied to the US Dollar, carries extremely low transaction fees and transaction times that are lightning quick. Because of these characteristics, it is an excellent Cryptocurrency for everyday transactions such as retail establishments and peer-to-peer transfers.

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