Detailed steps on how to buy TLM before binance launch.

I’m not shilling this coin, I’ve tried the alien worlds game, its a shit game and imo this is a shitcoin, but if you wanna get your hands on TLM, here’s how.

1. Have trustwallet and binance.

2. Buy BNB on binance, send the BNB from binance to Binance smart chain (BSC) address on trust wallet.

3. Now add TLM token to the list of tokens on trust wallet. To add TLM to the list, click the top right button on trust wallet, it should open up a whole list of coins. Scroll to the very bottom where you see “add custom token“. In the network, select “binance smart chain”. You can copy the contract address from [here]( and paste it in trust wallet. Trust wallet will automatically get the name, symbol and decimals. Now click add. Now you’ll start seeing TLM listed on trustwallet’s home page.

4. Now click on dapps in trust wallet at the bottom. On the searchbar, type ““. It’ll open up the pancakeswap page.

5. Now on top right bit, you’ll see an Ethereum symbol on top of connect wallet button. Click the Ethereum symbol and select binance smart chain. Click connect wallet after this.

6. Click on exchange —> trade in pancakeswap’s side bar.

7. Now it’ll ask you to select a token or input contract address of a token you wanna trade your BNB for. You’ll once again need to copy TLM’s contract address, like you did before and input into pancakeswap. As soon as you enter the contract address, it should show you TLM as a selection.

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