Diamond Hand Pass NFT collection released by WallStreetBets


TL;DR Breakdown

  • WallStreetBets has released its first NFT collection titled the Diamond Hand Pass NFT.
  • The collection has been compiled by a team of great artists and DeFi enthusiasts.
  • The owners of the NFTs will be provided with rewards and additional perks as well. 
  • This collection shows that NFTs can bring communities together, wherein members own their financial future.

WallStreetBets (WSB) movement, a widely known community, recently released a new Diamond Hand Pass NFT collection. In the past, it has been associated with short squeezes of certain stocks, which include AMC and GameStop.

According to the founder of WSB, Jaime Rogozinski, the time for using the community has come. Jaime has partnered in a WSBDApp project which will utilize the community’s resources. The WSB community is always on the radar because of its short squeezes and memes.

The release of the Diamond Hand Pass NFT collection

Jaime brought together a team containing top-notch artists, developers, and blockchain fans. This team decided to work on the WSBDapp project. Jaime further added that the aim behind this WSBDapp was to combine the community’s culture and creativity.

As a result, the Diamond Hall Pass NFT collection was released. These DeFi offerings can be owned by anyone from the community or outside it. Any regular person will be able to hold their own financial future.

There are around 15,000 Diamond Hand Pass NFTs in the collection, available for sale. Also, it was important to distribute the NFTs in a fair manner. For that reason, around 30,000 raffle tickets will also be launched. Therefore, it would be easy for the Diamond Hand Pass NFT artworks to be distributed fairly. One wallet is allowed to have as many as 5 tickets.

Also, those raffle tickets that did not win, i.e., weren’t chosen randomly by the computer, will be refunded.

Benefits of the NFT collection

The NFT owners will be provided with perks as well. The best artists in the world have compiled this collection. This makes them perfect for being valuable collector’s items.

The owners of these valuable NFTs will be allowed to enter a limited-member Discord group. There are several voting privileges for the owners that other members won’t have. These privileges will only be granted to specific members of the WSB community. Also, owners will be able to connect and share a lot of information with like-minded people.

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