Did I just loose 2.4k?

Hello… I might have made a huge mistake…

I wanted to use the BSC bridge to remove 1.14 eth to Ethereum Mainnet.

However, my windows ctrl+C didn’t work correctly and sadly, the bridge address had the same ending letter as the BETH contract… I just had added the ETH token so had that one in my clipboard. Sent MY WHOLE FUCKING SUM OF ETH TO THE ETH CONTRACT. Is this recoverable? Doubt it right?


[I can see my transaction here, lost, forever?](

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  1. Since you’re out of ETH, here’s some silver 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Always test with a small transaction when doing something new. Kinda hard with ETH fees I guess…

  2. Not sure if this is recoverable, if you’re sending from your exchange to a blockchain address that actually belongs to one of your accounts f.e. a cold storage long term wallet just add them to the binance whitelist, that way you don’t have to copy and paste the address every time and can actually just select the whitelisted address from a dropdown list.

  3. Your only chance is to somehow get a hold of binance and ask them to recover the funds.

    BSC is centralized enough that it might be possible, but dont hold your breath.

  4. I do wonder if there is ever going to be a solution to this type of issue. Because I see this as a major wall to adoption. Its hard enough teaching people how to use phones/computers properly. Now toss in, get this long string of letters/numbers perfect or money go bye bye. Hell, I think a lot of people would stop at long string and say this shit is too complicated. 😂

  5. Damn, sorry for your loss. I know that it’s being said here everyday but you should’ve send first a small amount to see if everything works.. I know that nobody wants to pay gas fees twice but in this case it would help. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|gas)

    Hope you will recover from it !



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