Did the Farmcubation of $EBOX Work?


Cryptocurrency security provider ethbox has a unique feature: its own cryptocurrency, $EBOX. While most users enjoy the benefits of secure transactions in the Ethereum blockchain using ethbox, they can also own the associated EBOX for further rewards. Holders of EBOX get a share of staking revenue, as well as a 25% share of the profits from the fees of those using ethbox. They can also make the most of discounts when using ethbox themselves. The EBOX coin has not yet been released to the public, but some have been available in limited promotions.

The DuckDAO farmcubation process

Recently, ethbox partnered with DuckDAO for an exclusive farmcubation offer of EBOX coins. This gave people interested in the public sale of EBOX a chance to get coins before it went to public sale, offering a unique opportunity for them. The DuckDAO farmcubation promotion aimed to enable early access to EBOX and help market it to a wider audience, including a large community of DuckDAO followers.

Other DuckDAO farmcubations have been very effective in promoting new crypto coins, opening them up to bigger audiences, and even driving up the price.

ethbox signed up with one of the leading marketing agencies in the blockchain space, KEY Difference Media for its campaign promotion. 

What happened with EBOX’s farmcubation?

During this exclusive farmcubation, EBOX’s price was tied to that of DuckDAO’s cryptocurrency, $DUCK. More users bought the DUCK tokens to participate in the farmcubation which increased the price of DUCK token unexpectedly and dramatically, so did the price of EBOX which was tied to it. The price rose to around $0.10.

As EBOX’s public sale had a price of $0.055 set (due to launch shortly), many would have expected the farmcubation sale to be unsuccessful. However, even at this price, EBOX still sold out during farmcubation in seconds. Moreover, farmcubation has vesting model. It’s not immediately released to the investors. Nevertheless, it did not stop them from buying it in a mere matter of seconds.

That meant that many buyers of EBOX ended up paying a much higher price for the coin than they would in the public sale—because it was tied to the price of DUCK.

The total supply of EBOX is 65 million, and DuckDAO were able to offer 2.5% of that with their farmcubation partnership. This totaled 1,625,000 EBOX. These were sold for an average price of around $0.10, the cost of one DUCK coin at the time—which equalled $162,500.

Demand for EBOX was still high, even at a higher price than users could have purchased the coin in the public sale. This is good news for the future of EBOX, as it seems to be popular and many in the crypto space can already see its benefits.

But it also makes the future public sale of EBOX even more appealing. If you can get in at the fixed sale price of $0.055, you’ll still be getting a huge bargain. This makes EBOX a great investment, not just for the benefits we’ve already listed, but to either make a quick profit or hold for greater future gains.

The potential upside for EBOX holders is good. It could be one of the best crypto investments you make this year, but it’ll also help you get even more revenues of income from ethbox’s 4 major streams of income. If you use ethbox to secure your crypto transactions, you’ll save even more in the future.

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