DigiCorp Joins Hands with DGMV to Promote DGB


DigiCorp recently announced a strategic partnership with DGMV. The collaboration will see DigiByte using DGMV to create new prospects while promoting DGB.

The network posted about the collaboration on its official website. The post stated that DigiByte understands the importance of decentralization. That is why it focuses on the ThreeFold technology along with DigiByte blockchain technology.

As a well-known proof-of-work UTXO blockchain, DigiCorp is a symbol of liberty and innovation in the blockchain sector. The network is expanding its reach with a partnership with DGMV. The collaboration will unveil new features and opportunities for DigiByte.

Moreover, it will help the network promote its native currency, DGB. The announcement boosted the token’s popularity, as numerous traders looked for accurate DGB predictions.

DigiByte blockchain technology proposes a seamless platform for developers to build new solutions and applications. These solutions serve enterprises and consumers while adding value to their metaverse. The network houses multiple crypto experts, blockchain developers, and seasoned C-level professionals to provide the necessary support.

With such a team behind the network, the network facilitates block building, smart contract development, and metaverse infrastructure development. In addition, it also allows ventures to market and promote solutions.

Yoshi Jäger, DigiCorp Labs’ Lead Blockchain, Smart Layer, and Metaverse Wallet Developer, talked about the latest development. According to Yoshi, developing the DigiMetaverse Smart Layer over the DigiByte network will help DigiByte’s decentralized functionalities. The solidity-centric language facilitates the development of sophisticated smart contracts for the metaverse: quick, scalable, economical, and decentralized.

Jared Tate, Founder at DigiByte Blockchain and Advisor at DigiCorp Labs, also released a comment on the situation. Jared expressed delight about the launch of DGMV and DigiCorp. The advisor thinks that DigiByte will bring great value to not blockchain alone but also the global market. Its decentralization, speed, and security are unmatched, offering the perfect foundation for innovations.

Using DGMV’s would allow DigiCorp to facilitate financial liberty, security, and individual security. With such features, the DigiByte metaverse will become a strong foothold for the entire industry.

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