Diogenes was the first Bitcoiner.

Diogenes was the first Bitcoiner.

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  1. Let’s see:

    * Banned from his home for defacing the currency
    * Invented the word cosmopolitan – “citizen of the world”
    * Consistently trolled the most brilliant thinkers and historical figures of his time
    * Lived in a barrel
    * Would stroll around town with a lantern looking for an honest economist
    * Shameless public masturbator

    Sounds like a Bitcoiner to me.

  2. Ah yes, Diogenes, the stoic anti-luxury philosopher who pled for a return to our natural state and only owned a bowl and a robe would definitely have bought a digital coin.

    Edit: cynic* philosopher

  3. [](

    Paragraph nine.

    Ride the bus, and eat lentils, say the king’s minions.

  4. I beg to differ.

    Just last month the fiat media was telling people to eat lentils.

    You don’t need Bitcoin to voluntarily live in poverty, although if you wanna stack serious sats it certainly helps to be frugal.

    With Bitcoin you can live the life of a Sovereign Individual, you essentially **are** the king.

  5. He was an interesting character. Has many more quotes/moments than this, if you are interested. Never thought about it before but he would prob be a contrarian crypto chad if he were around today.

  6. Diogenes was a poor old man. People who invested too much in Bitcoin will be poor old men too. So yes. A Bitcoiner is like Diogenes in at least one way.

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