Dismember Their Reality.


**Dismember their reality to save them from themselves.**


Passive aggression is the only way to deal with them: record everything, gather the evidence, and buy Bitcoin.



The American Government has failed to protect the product of the American workers’ labor:

Why? Because that what Wall Street wants, that what corporate America wants. They under pay American workers and let China steal all our Intellectual property because they think it will allow them greater profits when China is the world’s only super power.


The Federal Reserve doesn’t have to tell the American public where billions of printed money goes to foreign banks:


Trillions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they can’t protect America’s secrets? They want them stolen.



They are lying about inflation. They are suppressing wages. Buy bitcoin. Tell Bernie Sanders supporters to buy bitcoin. Covertly record every conservation in your company about pay and pay rises. Even if you are earning fuck loads, you can leak this info out years after you leave. You can dump this info whenever you like. Record to insure your ass.


They are lying about inflation to rob social security and to suppress wages.


**Your fantasies are not their fantasies**







Are you a pervert? Do you want to live in a Red Gene Mono-culture? What world do you want to live in when everyone has a neuralink in their head?

**You know deep in your heart, in your soul, their fantasies are not your fantasies.**


China CCP is on life support. Hollywood, corporate USA and Wall Street are rehabilitating them.

The adoption of a Bitcoin Standard will do more for workers rights than Unions, Congress and the Senate ever could. Record everything, blackmail your corporate overlords into paying you in BTC, into adopting the Bitcoin standard, into rejecting the lure of Chinese profits and reach arounds.


Record everything. Leak it. Leak it years after you recorded it. Report it. We win. Do you Collect the evidence. We wont be sacrificed to this commie-corprate alliance. This sick fantasy.

**They will beg you to run the AI, to work 20 hour weeks, to participate in shareholder capitalism. Pay you in BTC. Record everything. Collect the evidence**

***When the CCP collapses the USA collaborators are on trial, it will make the Nuremberg trials look like playtime. We will win workers rights that will last for thousands of years, we will accelerate the Bitcoin Standard.***


The TL;DR is that corporate America and the China CCP will work together to suppress our freedom. We must work together to prove they have motivations in common. And to accelerate the adoption of a Bitcoin Standard.


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