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Disney Star Wars NFT, Nov 2021

Disney is launching a series of NFT statues to capture moments from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars (pictured above) and more in a “Golden Moments” NFT Collection.

This is being unveiled gradually, culminating on November 12 with a special Ultra Rare digital collectible.

Those that get the NFT will also receive three months of Disney+, the Netflix like streaming platform. While Ultra Rare digital NFT holders will receive a twelve-month subscription.

The $300 billion company has chosen VeVe as the NFT-ing platform. This is by ECOMI which has a token called OMI, currently at a $5 billion fully diluted market cap.

Veve is an app, also an OMI wallet, and facilitates the storing of these NFTs on the blockchain. The blockchain in this case being the Gochain, a Proof of Authority network with a market cap of barely $50 million.

The OMI token is a GO20 standard, while the NFTs use the GO721 standard. So they’ve copied eth, basically, and turned their network from decentralized and open to all, to a cartel of authority validators that can collude to delete your NFT.

You need Proof of Reputation to become part of the cartel, meaning other validators need to vouch and vote for you, with this being a permissioned blockchain or a trusted network as you need to trust the cartel.

This is just the first step for Disney however as it experiments and gets a feel in a fairly controlled environment, with it then eventually presumably upgrading to a proper blockchain with actual users and even actual metaverses.

Ethereum dominates currently, but there are others trying to catch up. However going proper blockchain would probably be a bit too bold for Disney currently as it learns to walk with NFTs, something that may change eventually as it gets the needed skills to learn just what all of this NFT stuff actually is really.

And thus might learn why permissioned or permissionles matters as the former might not be desirable when you’re thinking generationally because the cartel could tamper with your family office’s digital wealth.

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