Do “..the common negative moral associations of money create an obstacle to the association of bitcoin with ESG values?”

[Bitcoin and Biases: Bitcoin as ESG Money](

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  1. lol. “common negative moral associations of money” is just another way of saying commie.

    how about an actual argument instead of this hand wavy gobbledygook innuendo?

    commies like to talk about being poor as superior to being rich, but usually it’s because they are rich already.

    it’s called fake virtue signalling for social credit points (nothing to do with morality or ethical principles). and with ESG, it’s literal social credit points.

    rich entitled people don’t actually like socialism and communism (but they do like consolidating power which happens to be a convenient side effect of communism and socialism). and poor people calling for socialism are just jealous or easily manipulated. don’t believe everything you read. contrary to childish and stupid opinions, most people are actually awful humans and liars too.

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