Do you think this crypto is a scam? (BTCX)

A couple of my friends have invested in this Cryptocurrency lately, it has a couple thousand holders and an active telegram group.

I’ve researched it before FOMOing and haven’t found any whitepapers, no developer info or anything, this made em suspicious, what do you guys think?

[Link]( to their website.

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  1. I never invest into anything with Bitcoin in the name other than Bitcoin. Scroll down to the bottom of their website and look at their roadmap, that itself is enough for me to say I’m out. Didn’t see a team on the front page either nor was I informed specifically what it’s use case is

  2. It’s not a fork such as Bitcoin Cash, this coin is on the BSC.

    If you can find a reliable audit then maybe, maybe consider it for the shortest of investments but I wouldn’t touch it. This is like me changing my name to VenusX and claiming that I’m a planet. Names don’t mean anything.

  3. Stick to the tried and true and it is all up for you……buy and sell for fear of drop and you’ll be crying like bioootch.


  4. It uses Bitcoin in it’s name, says it’s the next Bitcoin and seemingly has absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin.

    It seems like a great way to get separated from some of your money.

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