Does anyone know of a good hedge against inflation?

Does anyone know of a good hedge against inflation?

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  1. tldr; Eurozone inflation hit 4.1% in October, the highest since the Great Recession and almost double the 2.2% annual estimation of the European Central Bank (ECB). In October, inflation for energy reached a stunning 23.5% (up from 17.6% in September on an annual basis). The European Commission expects energy costs to remain high until March or April when temperatures increase and electricity consumption from heating decreases.

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  2. Magnesium stocks, China has halted production in most of their magnesium factories and that has increased prices. “China produces around 87 per cent of the world’s magnesium…”

    China is the largest magnesium producer. Anything made with aluminum needs magnesium along with alloys: car parts, laptops, peer tools, cameras and cellphones..

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