does anyone know what this is?

does anyone know what this is?

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  1. Old miner. Board dated 2014. I don’t know when the first ASICS came online, but there’s a chance that it’s an FPGA based miner. FPGAs are reprogrammable hardware and are pretty valuable on their own. Scrape the goo off the main chip. Might be able to sell it for a couple hundred if it is.

  2. Does anyone know if these boards holds any value, we boutht a old warehouse with hundred of these mining rigs. And there are also hundreds of KncMiner neptune boxes.

  3. It is an old ASIC Bitcoin miner made by kncminer. I think it may be the Neptune model?

    The one in the photo looks fried but if you have a whole warehouse full, maybe some work.

    If so, and if it is a Neptune, it would run about ~3TH/s and use ~2kW of energy. Which means it would get you around $0.25/day in Bitcoin and cost you about $5/day in power.

  4. A piece of history, now that you imaged this specifc one on the internet. Chain records show that in 32000 years this board, along with a chain certifiable ownesrship token, will sell for 51000 BTC in an auction to a collector of MilkWay artifacts from the Gamma Quadrant.

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