Dogecoin competitor Dalmatians to go live in Q3 2021

Dogecoin competitor Dalmatians to go live in Q3 2021

Dalmatians’ Pre-Launch distribution of 3 Billion DALS token to the first 10,000 early supporters.  The team behind DALS are veterans in the crypto space from Silicon Valley.  They are still at an early stage of development and they’ve already built a community of over 5,000 people in less than a month without any marketing.

If you’ve missed your chance of being an early miner or investor in Dogecoin in 2014-2016, here’s your chance to be an early supporter of what may become Dogecoin 2.0.

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Internet Digital Currencies first began in the mid-1990s with a handful of algorithmic internet money. The most notable ones being the likes of Hashcash and David Chaum’s Digicash.  There have been many attempts from visionaries.  None of which really received any real adoption until 10 years later when Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on his vision of Bitcoin in 2008 launched in 2009.  Bitcoin started a movement that has grown like wildfire the world over.

Along came other forks and innovations such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Along came Billy Marcus aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto’s introduction of one of the first and most well-known meme coin called Dogecoin.  What started out as a joke has now become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in the market with over a billion-dollar market cap and millions of users.

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Over the last 3 decades since the first introduction of cryptocurrencies, developers have created new digital assets by building upon and improving on their predecessors, so if you missed out on being an early miner and investor of dogecoin from the previous crypto cycle, Here’s your chance to be an early adopter of Dalmatians, a reiteration of Dogecoin!

Introducing Dalmatians, a social experiment by visionary Delon Mustaka-Nakamoto, Delon and his friends created DALMATIANS DAL as a peer-to-peer digital token like reward points, airline miles, digital meme gift tokens, favored by Dalmatians around the world.  Our goal is to spread DALS far and wide around the globe and one day, perhaps DALS will become one of the interplanetary digital currency of choice by the canine central bank of Mars.


-Dalmatians Website V.1 in Q1 2021

-Dalmatians Website V.2 in Q2 2021

-DALS Social Media App will be introduced in Q3 of 2021.

-Staking will be introduced in Q4 of 2021

-Dals Crypto Debit Card in Q2-Q3 2022

-Dals Decentralized Social Media Platform Q4 2022



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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered as news/advice

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