Don’t blindly believe what people tell you, even if it’s the most upvoted post right now. This was posted 3 years ago:

[This]( was posted 3 years ago. And after that we had a long bear market. Read as many opinions as you can, and even if a post saying *”the crash is coming in 2 months”* or *”this bull market will last until the death of the universe”* gets +5k upvotes, always be sceptical of it. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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  1. With the amount of almost professional moon farming going on, recycling basic advice, strategies, questions, jokes, memes and whatnot, the highest upvoted topics probably are quite comparable to the social media algorithm, and are likely to just be what most people like to hear/read instead of actual useful information.

  2. I asked upon the spirits to answer when the crash will occur.

    My magic ball says….. Idk bro,

    My taro cards say…. Maybe maybe not

    My sayance with Edgar Allen Poe brought the conclusion of….. Stop trying to time the market you little pussy

    My magic 8 ball….. called me a little bitch

    The spirits have spoken and the answer is, a crash will come, and ATH’s will be broken as that is the nature of the market, but we as mortals will never know when, nor do the spirits.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  3. Historically bear markets in crypto lasted much longer than bull runs.
    Maybe, just *maybe*, the history won’t repeat itself this time around..
    No one knows what will happen.

  4. It’s always 50/50. For every post like the one you posted, there will be another one on a completely opposite spectrum.

    Might as well ask the magic ball 🙂

    In every scenario though there’s one strategy that always win: holding.

  5. One great thing about crypto is it’s the one area where you’re best off listening to everybody whilst simultaneously ignoring them all and doing whatever the hell you think is best.

  6. That’s right….obviously the bull market will only last till all the free energy in the universe is used up, and nothing can be powered to maintain the blockchain. This point will be reached long before the actual death of the universe. Damn permabulls….smh.

  7. I came up with price points on some of my coins and I will start DCA out of about 75% of my holdings over the next 9 months.

    The top / crash may or may not happen but taking some profits sounds like a smart thing to do.

    I have NO LUCK and know I will not be able to time the top. I never bought at the bottom and don’t expect to sell at the top. If I can earn some fat profits from the middle of the market I will be happy.

    Best case is I take profits then re0-invest later.


    All the Best to everyone. Do what is good for you.



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