Don’t trust safe deposit boxes for your seed phrases.

FBI seizes safe deposit boxes in Beverley Hills

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  1. Multi-sig. Don’t rely on a single seed to secure your funds.

    FBI seizures of deposit boxes are not that common. Realistically it’s a very good place to keep the data. Your house could collapse, get flooded, burn down etc.

    Multi-sig and safety deposit boxes are a great combination.

    Edit: Here’s a good podcast to help you learn about it: Michael Flaxman – 10x Your Bitcoin Security With Multisig

  2. The biggest bank heist in history targeted safety deposit boxes. Make a much better target than cash as the owners often have illicitly obtained valuables in there. Won’t be reported as missing so as long as you get it out and hidden, it won’t be taken from you even if caught.

  3. Brb let me cherry pick an example of someone’s house being searched and then recommend burying your private keys in a cemetery.

    Protip: don’t commit a federal crime and you won’t get targeted by the FBI.

  4. If you use a password (“25th seed”) with the standard 24 seedwords on a hardware wallet, your accounts are still safe even if someone compromises your safe deposit box.

    If you’d prefer to throw folks off a trail, you can send some money to the seedword accounts, then withdraw most of it, and put the funds you really care about into your ‘real’ seedword+passphrase accounts.

    From the perspective of anyone who steals your seed, it looks like you had crypto, then spent most of it, and then more-or-less stopped using the wallet.

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