Don’t use Binance.

Don’t use Binance.

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  1. Don’t listen to this guy.

    I may not disagree with him in this case about some issues with binance, but TechLead as a youtuber is a dirt bag of a human, an idiot, and a twat.

    Abandoned his family, constantly shills bullshit about FAANG and Tech in general. Dude is incredibly self centered as well.

  2. Much shady stuff with Binance, they even rug pull their own shitcoins
    And then x shit coin company hypes up the listing on cmc which is also yeah you guessed it in binance hands

    Mark my words maybe months or years from now they will be the next mt. Gox

  3. this guy was shilling CBDCs a couple weeks ago and talking about selling literally right after the crash

    watch this channel if you wanna learn how to get divorced, sell your assets at a loss and sell your soul to institutions

  4. What he is denouncing is very serious and it’s completely true, and Binance is the only exchange I use

    What happened is extremely shitty and a lot of people lost money when they thought they were going to get massive profits.

    Imagine if it were you.

  5. He should’ve called the video

    “Don’t use leverage”

    Then again if you short and the market drops you should get money from your short trades.

    Use binance for low fee buys and move it off of the exchange.

  6. People shit on every exchange…
    For some odd reason…
    They do actually have a fund set aside certain ocassions to protect users.
    Not defending Binance at all.

  7. This guy neglected his ex-wife and kid, got fired from every job he’s had, threatens and sues college students for exposing his fake programming skills, and backstabs his only friends in the name of “business”. Why should I care what he thinks?

  8. I’ve had a bunch of coins randomly locked up on binance us and had to wait weeks to get them out. No explanations or anything.

    Learned the hard way to transfer off that exchange quickly if you really need to use it.

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