Dubai students create cryptocurrency markets educational platforms


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• Students from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai create a platform to offer the best information on cryptocurrency markets.
• The platform called GulfCrypt is the first of its kind and has verified information.

In Dubai, two students from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai have combined their knowledge to create a media platform on crypto markets. It offers safe and reliable information for GCC investors to have a practical education on the subject.

The platform is the first of its kind in the region and scored first in the recent GCC (Entrepreneurship Innovation Challenge) 2021, which ProjectSet organized.

GulfCrypt has reliable information on the cryptocurrency markets

This platform is called GulfCrypt, and it is the innovation created by Karim Tarakji, a 19-year-old student in cybersecurity, and by Suparno Chowdhury, 20, a cybersecurity student. They pooled their knowledge and talents to create and design a technology-based solution to address insecurities and misinformation about digital assets.

Karim explains the inspiration he had for this incredible innovation. He has commented that despite too much interest in cryptocurrency markets within the GCC, there is no single reliable information about the cryptocurrency markets and accessible to investors.

He claims that consumers without the proper information are at risk of being scammed. Operations in the region associated with illegal activities in 12 months are estimated at $102 million; this is until June 2020.

Karim has also said these aspects led him to develop a timely solution with a massive appeal with his partner. They combined safe and true information through verified articles and blogs. The goal was for inexperienced people about cryptocurrency markets to have adequate information to educate themselves through courses for beginners and experts.

Platform with reliable information for anyone

As the platform grows, they can anticipate advertising partnerships with relevant or major retailers, exchanges, and service providers. It is the best option for anyone to obtain accessible and valuable information about cryptocurrencies in the region.

Although Karin is an entrepreneur with many successful companies, his partnership with Suparno was wonderful and amazing.

Suparno’s ideas have been able to give way to certain innovative features that are driven by technology and thus help the platform to advance functionality. Both students continue to apply machine teaching features to create automated analytics processes and provide instant and verified data to platform users.

The student couple met in psychology class and had the tutoring support of computer science teacher Dr. Khalil Al Hussaeni. This professor commented that students have combined knowledge and technology to learn about cryptocurrency.

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