Dude YOLO’s Life Savings Into Dogecoin, Becomes A Millionaire


[Dude YOLO’s Life Savings Into Doge, Becomes A Millionaire](

Dogecoin investor has told *Newsweek* of how he became a millionaire after investing his life savings in the meme cryptocurrency.

The 33-year-old Los Angeles resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, invested all of his $188,000 life savings into it in February this year.

As a result the investor found his initial investment has grown to almost $2 million.


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  1. “I discovered Dogecoin, and after doing some intensive research for about a week on all the pros and cons of the crypto I decided it was also highly undervalued and sold all my stocks and emptied out all my savings accounts and put every last dollar that I’ve ever made into Dogecoin.”


    “he will hold his investment for at least a year to avoid paying short-term capital gains tax and pay the cheaper long-term tax instead”


  2. This dude isn’t even planning to take out his investment until next February, so he has $2 million in unrealized gains. If he is planning on taking out his gains next year, I am afraid that it will not be worth quite as much right now! He doesn’t want to take it out because he doesn’t want to pay short term capital gains tax on it, which is stupid.

    Dude, you just hit a jackpot of a lifetime, so at least take out your initial investments and some gains!

  3. This could very well be just a fake article made to shill Doge to whoever reads. It’s not backed by anything, it hasn’t proofs of any kind, and FOMO hits hard. Let’s say that it is at the very least suspicious

  4. Man I would take that all out now and plop it into bitcoin and ETH… this guy shouldn’t be celebrated for continuing to let ride an already incredibly risky move…

  5. I call bullshit. First, he says he researched Doge and determined it was undervalued? WTF?? And then he puts everything into it? Who does that? Certainly no someone who was able to save a total of $188K by the time he was 33. Then he doesn’t sell it? He doesn’t have $2.000.000 USD, he has a bag of Doge. I think he’s lying.

  6. I can’t be mad at that. Go, dude.
    Am I jealous? Of course I am.
    Will I ever yolo into a meme or anything? No.
    Will I latch onto the next trend? I bought DOGE ahead of DODE DAY tomorrow.

    Don’t prove me wrong, moon boys, 😂😂😂

  7. This. Is. So. Crazy.
    The amount of people here that are like “SELL, SELL NOW!” and I wholeheartedly agree. Dude needs to sell now and pay the ridiculous taxes, most of us don’t believe he is going to see profit a year from now.
    I am so worried for this guy at his having done, idk, one week of research and deciding the best idea is to hold DOGE for a year. I hope DOGE does nothing most of us expect it to and this guy and those like him all race down the highway in their lambos.

  8. Good for him. But, if he doesn’t pull out due to greed….

    Actually, you know what? Let’s hope that he found reason to finally cash out. With that kind of cash and the amount of tax you have to pay (which is probably not going to be that much? It’s not much for a non-American though…) you’d still be for the lack of better word, set for life…

    *^(assuming the life style doesn’t change with the sudden rise of wealth and income of course…)*



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