Dynamic NFT Metaverse Ertha Launches on Binance Smart Chain

Dynamic NFT Metaverse Ertha Launches on Binance Smart Chain

[PRESS RELEASE – Lithuania Oct 5, 2021]

Ertha is a new P2E game launching on Binance smart chain. The game will encompass an accurate life simulation on a massive scale where players will be able to micromanage their companies and countries in a satisfying and rewarding way.

The new metaverse will require players to consider their economic, infrastructure, and military development to advance and dominate other players.

Ertha will encompass multiple features that make it detail-oriented, making player decisions dynamically impactful in the metaverse.

There are thrюee main roles in the game: Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and Soldiers.
Each role will contribute to the development of the economy and the prosperity of their state.

Players will be able to customize their state and choose their supporting roles as they see fit.

A states’ prosperity is a result of citizens’ roles and their activity in their state. The game is balanced so that every player’s decision will impact the state and its prosperity.

  • Entrepreneurs will produce products required by the state and the other citizens to remain effective. (Food, Equipment, and Medical Supplies).
  • Scientists research new technologies that raise the state’s and citizens’ access to higher-tiered buildings, industries, and infrastructure.
  • Soldiers are responsible for the state’s defense in an impending attack and wage wars against other states.

Ertha will incorporate many mechanics and features:

  • Energy Mechanics
  • Production Mechanics
  • Corporations
  • Job Mechanics
  • Industries Mechanics
  • Market Mechanics
  • International Trade
  • Transportation Mechanics
  • Combat Mechanics
  • Training Mechanics
  • Study Mechanics
  • Policies & Budgets

Ertha will feature more mechanics and gameplay that will keep the metaverse engaging and continuously changing and evolving for players.

About Ertha

Ertha is an economical, social MMO, inspired by the Heroes Of Might And Magic game genre, based on world exploration, specialization, leveling up, and increasing corporate and state power.

The game is designed to recreate a real environment by simulating the strategic actions and decisions required to succeed in a futuristic dystopian Earth.

Ertha’s world consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, which are for sale as an NFT, and these plots will generate multiple lifetime revenue streams.


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