Easy way to run your own node with a Hardware Wallet.

Just wanted to let everybody know about Specter Wallet, it’s a new open source wallet that works with all the major hardware wallet providers, specializes in easy multisig setup, and mandates connecting to bitcoin core full node.

Here’s a video I followed which explains setup with different wallets and multisig.



Best of all it doesn’t require tinkering around with setting up a backend personal server like Electrum, the UI is sleek, and has all the necessary functions for UTXO control. Really happy with Specter and Trezor, and now I have my full node running smoothly. If you were confused with setting up either a full node or multisig, Specter is a good solution. I believe it also works with Rasberrypi/Umbrel if you prefer to run a dedicated hardware node.


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  1. Have tried it briefly, and confirm it’s a great tool. Usually I’m using Electrum on desktop + Electrum Personal Server on Raspi + hardware wallet, but it’s a bit cumbersome to setup as it involves tinkering with command line.

    Specter is very easy to setup, basically just installing it + Bitcoin Core and changing a line in the config file of Bitcoin Core.

  2. I have an Umbrel node with specter installed, but I haven’t connected my hardware wallet to it yet. Are there any advantages doing so if my intention is just to hodl? Wouldn’t a hardware wallet that’s completely offline be a safer option?



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