EGLD, LINK, SOL Are Next 100x Moonshot Altcoins?!!


The leader of the crypto market Bitcoin is continuing its monopoly with incredible gains of 7.2% within the last three days. Ethereum price is too having massive profits followed by the most valued asset. 

Meanwhile, altcoins like Elgorand (EGLD), Chainlink (LINK), Solana (SOL) are working from the grass-roots level in order to achieve huge gains in Q4. With some exciting on-chain data on Bitcoin and Ethereum, here are few interesting crypto projects that could go up to 100x in Q4.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price To Go Hand in Hand!

Bitcoin is going through a massive supply shock. Traders are buying and holding, seems a supply squeeze is underway. Popular on-chain analyst Will Clemente shared interesting metrics. The flagship asset has already lost 38.2% of BTC supply. On the other hand, 85.1% of supply hasn’t moved in at least 3 months and 90% of the supply is stable in at least one month. This ongoing huge scarcity of the asset could pump the price up in October.

On the other hand, Ethereum value recently retesting at the crucial resistance level of $3,521, the asset is awaiting a breakout from this level. Interestingly, the altcoin seems to surpass this level anytime soon. Well, recent analytics shared by Documenting Ethereum platform disclosed that over $402 million Ether outflows from centralized exchanges on 8th October 2021. This could give a massive push to the asset’s price momentum in Q4

Meet the Next 100X Moonshot Altcoins:

Indian Tiktok challenger Chingari raises $19 million to launch social token on Solana ecosystem. The co-founder of the app Sumit Ghosh stated that like Axie Infinity revolutionizing the gaming industry, he wants to experiment with Social media by launching social tokens on Solana. Interestingly, catalysts behind this move are big tech firms including Galaxy Digital, Alameda Research, and Solana Capital. With series of events lined up for the asset in Q4, the altcoin could surge beyond expectations once the upgrades go live.

Chainlink recently introduced one of the unique features that are being natively blockchain agnostic! That is, dApps built on its blockchain can shift to or expand support to Ethereum to Avalanche or Elrond to Cardano, which is referred to as interoperability. It also extends its support to layer 2 blockchain networks. Hence, the asset has the strong potential to leg up for new highs. 

Elrond partnered with Ardana to allow cross-chain smart-contract functionality. EGLD, the native token of the Elrond will act as the first cross-chain asset that will be utilized as collateral on the Ardana platform. Further, this platform acts as the bridge between two ecosystems Elrond and Cardano. This will allow integration with projects on two distinct chains.

Collectively, the market is turning out green by regaining the significant gains from the beginning of Q3. If the Bitcoin price takes forward this momentum it could smash new ATH by the end of October. Once this most valued asset starts its healthy consolidation around $60k, then Altseason could resume in November or December, above mentioned altcoins could gain significant profits. 

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