El Salvador President Announces Bitcoin Tax Haven With UFOs and Fireworks

An intractable facet of the cryptocurrency world is a libertarian streak wherein people think government is bad and so are taxes. – Matthew Gault


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  1. “and more about offering rich people a place to “invest” without paying any taxes. Bitcoin City, should it be constructed, could become the world’s premiere tax haven for crypto weirdos.”

    where da fuck do I sign?

  2. I dont know why most of the people in my country(El Salvador) hates all related to crypto currency, i have learned a lot about this in the past few months and i am pretty excited for this new changes , but people here thinks that crypto is just for foreing people that are millonaires :/

  3. I made it to “plans to offer places where people can park their crypto wealth without paying taxes” then stopped since it’s not worth reading lies.

    There is tax. How do you think they’re paying for public works? The tax is literally in every article yet this idiot opens his article saying “without paying taxes”.

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