El Salvador President Looking to Buy the Bitcoin Dip, But Wants a Better Discount


Bitcoin ($BTC) price recorded a minor correction over the past 24-hours, falling to a daily low of $60,122. The retrace comes just days after $BTC posted a new ATH of $66,973 on Wednesday. The price correction is now being seen as an opportunity by many to stack more $BTC.

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Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, the world’s first country with Bitcoin as its legal tender is also among many who wants to buy the Bitcoin dip. However, he thinks the correction is too small and might need a better discount to make the purchase.

Bukele’s interest in Bitcoin has been known the world over as he is seen as the main architect behind El Salvador’s BTC adoption. The small central American nation started buying $BTC right after it was formally inducted in September this year. They made a total of 700 BTC purchases throughout September when the top cryptocurrency was trading under $45K. At the time Bukele was criticized as their purchase value was on the decline.

As $BTC touched new ATH,  El Salvador’s Bitcoin holding got into millions of profit which is now being used for building hospitals and other national projects. He also shared a photo of himself sitting on the throne depicting him as the king after BTC ATH.

El Salvador is Reaping the Benefits of Bitcoin Adoption Already

International media continues to show El Salvador’s BTC adoption in a bad light, focusing more on the protests and less on the benefits that Bitcoin adoption has given to the country. The national Chivo wallet is already being used by two-thirds of Salvadorans while the Bitcoin ATMs have been a great success too receiving millions in daily remittance.

El Salvador has also invested in clean Bitcoin mining using abundant geothermal energy available in the country. The country has already set up the infrastructure and has mined its first Bitcoin as well, thus the adoption has proven to be a great win for the financially challenged nation, despite skepticism from all around.


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