El Salvador: Scammers are stealing people’s identities to create new Chivo Wallet accounts, inflating usage numbers and stealing their money.

Thousands of Salvadoran citizens are reporting daily that their DUI (Unique Identification Document) numbers are already registered on the Chivo wallet. Chivo S.A de C.V. is the state owned company that released the Bitcoin wallet called Chivo.

You don’t have to look too far to find out this is real and it’s happening, many replies on recent tweets from the official Chivo wallet Twitter account and even the app reviews on the Google Play & Apple App Store are about people complaining that their identity has been stolen and their DUI number is already registered. [Chivo tweet reply]( , [Chivo tweet reply](

So far neither Chivo nor Bukele have addressed the issue, it is also believed that there are hundreds of thousands of support cases opened in less than a month.
The app is plagued with bugs and many many people have lost thousands of dollars per transaction [tweet](

This just goes to show how poor planning, poor security, poor customer support and imposing laws and rules at will affects real citizens.

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  1. You say this as if these types of problems don’t happen everywhere. Well I’ve got some shocking news for you. Millions of people recently defrauded the US government out of billions of dollars by filing for PPE and EDD loans using fraudulent information and stolen identities. The US government didn’t verify this information before giving these criminals money and now Americans are paying for this with their tax dollars. This just goes to show how poor planning, poor security, and poor verification affects real Americans.

    [Some criminals are even doing this on contraband cell phones from inside of prison and making millions of dollars.](

    [There are even rappers making rap songs bragging about how much money they have managed to get by doing this.](

  2. What are you talking about there’s an investigation going on? Have you seen or read the news lately? Let’s say you scam someone your grandma you used the Identification number she has but you did it on your phone, with your number to have a Sim card you need to give your Identification and get registered you see now they know you use someone else identification and youre gonna get arrested it’s not complicated. Thanks for the FUD.

  3. get used to it. if you were stolen from, report the crime and seek justice. this is completely unrelated to bitcoin.

    the real “identity theft” is government’s system of identity which guarantees your credentials are leaked everywhere unavoidably.

    how do you know the scammers aren’t the people posting fake complaints about stolen identity in order to steal their identity? you believe everything you read on the internet?

    bitcoin doesn’t give a shit about bukele. i can see you hate him with vengeance. but bitcoin is the best thing to happen to el salvador probably ever. it doesn’t matter how fucked up the implementation is, or how many people had $30 stolen. govt can always buy more for them because that’s how govt works: when they fuck up, they get a bigger budget to fuck up bigger next time.

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