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“end the electoral college because of people like Ripp”, says youtube commenter
“Great idea! That way LA, SF and NY get to elect the president”, Ripp responds.

Cities attract young, educated people from the countryside. If votes are based on population, this increases the cities’ voting power over time. If on the other hand votes are based on arbitrarily drawn lines on a map, then this “brain drain” would cause a shrinking minority of rural voters to have more entrenched majority in their voting districts that could lead to policies that are further from the wishes of the younger and more urban majority. I’m not familiar with the US system so don’t roast me too hard if I’m wrong about something.

I’m a young, urban majority so I think ending the electoral college would be a good thing, but it got me thinking about other ways political consensus can be influenced in different directions depending on the policies that are in effect.

On the battlefield of ideas, demographics who reproduce a lot and successfully pass on their attitudes to their children will grow in representational strength over time. So let’s say a religious community are against birth control and thus produce a lot of babies. Let’s also say that they discourage marrying people from other faiths or communities. The effect should be a powerful force to increase the number of people who follow that faith compared to people who use birth control and are more accepting of diversity. What policies can an atheist government implement to counter this ideological drift? I think an obvious candidate is the school system. Teach atheism in public schools and teach about other religions from an atheist point of view. It’s the same shit religious people have been doing for millennia. Time to take back the power of the school system. Of course we don’t have to explicitly call it atheism, we can call it science. Those are basically two flavers of the same thing anyway.

The school system should have an open-source curriculum with a blockchain for voting on proposals. Schools should always teach whatever is encoded in the blockchain as the most recent version of the curriculum.

A lot of the technical challenges we face today could be solved if we could ensure that every person on the planet controls exactly 1 private key on some blockchain. On a national level this should be possible for most advanced countries to implement right now. On a global level there are some obstacles but I think it’s something we humans need to get done. Preferably this century.

Of course not everyone cares to vote on every issue. The system should be flexible enough to allow people to create their own vote delegation schemes implemented as smart contracts. In case of problems with a smart contract, anyone should have the power to recall their voting power at any time and change their vote at any time. The system should also send an email or other communication to the person whenever their key is used to sign anything on the blockchain. There are obviously a lot of technical and cultural challenges we need to solve before we can make a system like this good enough to hand over control of our government to it. The cryptocurrency space is a playground for consensus experiments that could lay the groundwork for one of humanity’s next big level ups.

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