Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at New York Bitcoin Mining Firm’s Environmental Record

Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at New York Bitcoin Mining Firm’s Environmental Record

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  1. > This, in turn,

    Bzzzt. Sorry, but no crypto mining is responsible for how energy is produced. In fact, as a US Senator, she is more responsible than almost every human to have ever existed when it comes to climate change due to our governments inaction when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies and funding of research into renewables. Just using similar leaps of logic

  2. Fukking hell… No one speaks about the environmental damages happening at the ocean due to fishing… There are other sectors damaging the env too but these noobs are scared only for bitcoin.

  3. 1) Gold mining and traditional finance use way more energy and gold mining uses toxic chemicals.
    2) BTC mining encourages green energy use by paying in down times and remote locations.
    3) Elizabeth Warren is a political creature who probably does not do her own due diligence.

  4. tldr; Senator Elizabeth Warren has written a letter to Greenidge Generation CEO Jeff Kirt, raising concerns about the company’s impact on the environment. Greenidge is facing a battle to renew its Title V permit with the Department of Environmental Conservation in the state of New York. The company draws on a supply of natural gas to create the electricity necessary to mine Bitcoin.

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  5. Now there are two types of mining, many people are using traditional mining to carry out, so there will be such a situation, which will make the world environment pollution, network electronic waste pile up a lot.

  6. Liz Warren is a grifter who lied about her heritage her entire life to advance her career. This blinding white lady was applauded as one of, if not the first “person of colour” faculty member at Harvard I believe. Verify the actual facts for yourself but the point is still the same, can’t be bothered to waste a google search on this person.

    Don’t take anything she says at face value, she’s a lying snake and she is a corporate bootlicker who is happy to sell us out for 40 pieces of silver.

  7. I like how they judge crypto mining’s “environmental impact”, but not once did they argue about gold mines, or the energy consumption of todays global financial services industry.

    If we switched all of finance to a blockchain system, it would be a small fraction of the current legacy systems consumption.

    Go home boomer, you’re drunk!

  8. Crypto miners are starting to go carbon neutral. Is ANY other industry showing effort of t/same caliber? Is t/plastics industry? How about aircindioning industry? How about corposrate server/cloud banks?

    Incredible double standard!

  9. This is superficial, but she’s one of a handful of mostly democrat politicians who always have their sleeves rolled up. Anyone else notice that? Obama always did too. I think they think it makes them seem more working class or something. “Got m’sleeves rolled up so I can get to work helping the little guy.”

  10. make no mistake: even when bitcoin reaches 100% renewables in a couple of years, people will still attack it for its energy consumption.

    the question you have to answer for yourself is:

    what does bitcoin offer to humanity?

  11. She targets it only because she doesn’t like it or just sold herself to an interest group attacking Bitcoin. If she was really concerned about the environment, she would target many other wasteful things too.

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