Elon Musk Exposed: Secret Childish Account and Shady Burner on X?

Hold onto your rockets, folks! Elon Musk is in hot water again, and this time it involves some VERY strange social media activity.

What We Know:

During a recent lawsuit deposition, Musk admitted to having secret X accounts besides his well-known profile with millions of followers.

The Smoking Gun:

Eagle-eyed internet sleuths spotted a suspicious account named @ermnmusk under the alias “Elon Test” lurking on Musk’s X feed. ️‍♀️ This account, now deleted, seemed to involve some bizarre role-playing… as a child.

Birthday for Baby Musk?

One since-deleted post celebrated a “3rd birthday” on May 4th, 2023, which coincidentally happens to be the birthday of Musk’s son, X AE A-XII. The account also expressed a desire to hit the nightclubs, which would be pretty wild for a toddler, even by Musk standards.

The “Burner” Account Mystery:

While downplaying the “child” account, Musk did acknowledge a burner account named @babysmoke9000. There’s some speculation this might be a typo, as another account, @babysmurf9000, has ties to Musk, reposting Tesla and X news.

Is This a Big Deal? ‍♀️

Whether these accounts are just weird jokes or something more remains to be seen. However, it definitely raises questions about Musk’s online behavior, especially considering the lawsuit against him for promoting false information.

Stay tuned for further developments! This Musk drama is far from over!

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