Elon Musk urges lawmakers not to choose ‘winners or losers’ in crypto


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Elon Musk, known for his positive stance on cryptocurrencies, has come in support of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.
  • Brian has oppossed the passing of the Infrastructure Bill that has been introduced in the Senate.
  • Elon Musk replied to Brian’s Tweet, stating that there was no win in producing hasty decisions and laws.

The regulation of cryptocurrencies has become a big issue with governments across the world. While many countries have shown a positive stance on cryptocurrencies, the recent introduction of the Infrastructure Bill in the US Senate has become a matter of great debate.

People have come together on Twitter to showcase their negative stance on the newest bill surrounding cryptocurrencies. When it comes to Twitter and cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk is the name that deserves a special mention.

Elon Musk replies to Brian Amstrong’s tweet

The CEO of Coinbase has been very vocal when it comes to the introduction and passing of the bill. The bill is the ‘end for cryptocurrencies, ‘ as many people have considered. Afterward, an amendment was introduced by Mark Warner along with Rob Portman. The two have spearheaded a new amendment.

Brian had recently criticized the amendment as well as the bill itself. He has urged every person reading his Tweet to force the rejection of the amendment and the Bill itself. Although the amendment seeks to tone down the tax provisions, they are not very positive. As a result, Elon Musk has come out in support of Brian.