Elon Musk Wants Coinbase to List Dogecoin as the Cryptocurrency’s Adoption Grows

Elon Musk Wants Coinbase to List Dogecoin as the Cryptocurrency‘s Adoption Grows

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  1. I’m trying to explain the value of Stellar, Algo and Smartlands to a friend of mine who has no idea what crypto is and he says to me “yea, but what about Dogecoin?”

  2. You know what? I like fun. Dogecoin seems fun. I like jokes. Memes are fun. The internet is fun. Some parts of crypto should be fun, and that’s fine. Let the crazy rich man pump Doge. I might buy some Doge bags for some fun.

  3. Someday he’s going to fuck up big time. And he won’t be able to wiggle out of trouble. My guess is he’ll be pushed out of Tesla eventually at the risk of a massive sec investigation. Eh just spitballin’.

    Edit: oh and I won’t be feeling sorry for him



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