Elrond Network Introduces StreamParticles

Elrond Network Introduces StreamParticles

Video streaming has gained a plethora of popularity in recent years. A few years back, making videos was considered a hobby, but things have drastically changed. Presently, people who wish to showcase their talents, share their learnings, get into sarcastic commentary, and record and present many other things are recorded and presented to the audience. In all, video streaming is currently a lifestyle for people.

The success of Ninja and Pokimane has inspired the lives of many. The result was evident as the YouTube and Twitch users increased substantially. The platform is either creating content or playing games with its audience. They try several methods to engage the viewers by curating the most creative content.

The success of these platforms has birthed the idea of StreamParticles. This platform will be a streaming extension that will simplify users’ engagement with their audiences in all terms, including donations in Maiar. The same will support EGLD donations. Presently, Elrond predictions are sluggish, but it looks like it will soon improve.

StreamParticles is co-developed by Jigmé and Seraphin. Jigmé is a steamer that mixes gaming and cooking to entertain his vast French-speaking audience. Seraphin is the developer who is responsible for bringing the vision of StreamParticles to life.

As per the reports, StreamParticles is extremely user-friendly. Thus, anyone interested in engaging with their audience can join and interact. All it takes is a few well-documented steps, and then the streaming platform is easy to use, including graphics, messages, and donations. Furthermore, the platform will support EGLD donations with prospective developments, including ESDTs like influencer stable coins or tokens. In all, StreamParticles is an open-source project and free platform for any professional or amateur streamer.

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