Emergency Press Conference – I F**ked Up Bitcoin

Emergency Press Conference – I F**ked Up Bitcoin<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/m4ghbu/emergency_press_conference_i_fked_up_bitcoin/

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  1. Dave gets lots of shit for his take, but at least he can admit he made a mistake. Also I don’t think it is fully his fault, Bitcoin was “sold” to him by influencers, so he bought without understanding it. When you do that you either

    – sell when you see a “substancial” profit (for some as little as 2x), or

    – sell when it goes 30-40% down imagining it is all over.

    Do your friends a favor, if you will convince them to buy, first give them the material so they can understand why Bitcoin is the shit! They will get addicted to buying after that anyways.

  2. I don’t like this guy. While GME stock was pumping due to the short squeeze he was trying to get people to buy NOK stock even though NOK did not have any potential for a short squeeze. His thesis for buying NOK made no sense, he was simply trying to mislead people. I’m glad he is staying away from Bitcoin. We have a good strong community without him.

  3. I remember watching the video of him investing when the Winklevoss twins came over to his pad back when btc was only 14ish k I did not know he freaked out and sold



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