End the FED

End the FED

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  1. Lol, economy is not an easy thing to learn, let alone master. It has so many moving parts, different players, seasons even matter for the numbers. But it’s almost terrifying to consider that basically the ONLY THING they can do to control this train wreck is raising and lowering the interest rate. That’s it.

  2. IMO jerome powell is doing a great job, tremendous job, the best job we have ever seen in this great nation. Never have we seen a job well done like his.

    On a serious note, i think this crisis is much bigger than the FED alone and jerome powell is a very smart man who knows which words to use and how to play the public.

  3. 1. Cost of sales are rising (electricity, gas, oil).
    2. Sales prices rise because cost of sales are rising.
    3. Purchasing power decrease. Let’s increase salary costs.
    4. Sales prices rise further.
    5. Interest rates are rising. Variable fixed loans without interest swaps are rising.
    6. Sales prices rise even further.
    7. Next: Purchasing power decrease. Sales decrease. Unemployment rises.
    8. Next: interest rates decreases.
    9. Next: stock market price rises.

  4. I don’t get it. I presume you guys know that in any free market prices will rise & fall / supply & demand. So paying by bitcoin or grains of sand you could still have inflation. People would still “borrow” grains of sand or bitcoin and pay back with interest. So in this scenario base rates are still effective. These tools need to used right of course. But to think that if we switched to bitcoin inflation, interest rates etc.. disappear then you’re kind of dreaming. Either that or there’s some secret new economic model waiting to pounce into action

  5. END THE FED!!!!! Stop manipulating our money to give you more money, cause taxes aren’t enough. Before the fed we didn’t have inflation. Some products went up in cost and others went down based on supply and demand. Now everything goes UP UP UP. Almost like the only value of the dollar is in toilet paper….

  6. What nonsense is this? You might put valid questions to the FED policy but trying to lower inflation is a good goal, and raising interest rate is a very valid tactic to do so (to make borrowing, and thereby useless spending, un-interesting).

  7. The economy itself is made to deceive the people on the basis of trust and every time anything happens to economy it’s the hard working people are the victims. And all useless services in the world ..

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