Energy Use Per Transaction. Wow.


Which cybercurrencies are most energy efficient (numbers are Kilowatt hour (KWh)consumed per transaction

* XRP 0.0079
* Dogecoin 0.12
* Cardano 0.5479
* Litecoin 18.522
* Bitcoin Cash 18.957
* Ethereum 62.56
* Bitcoin 707

For now. that Dogecoin is getting listed more and has assets, I’m going Dogecoin, although XRP interests me, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

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  1. Except bitcoin energy does not scale with transaction counts. Neither do most others on this list.

    Moreover if Dogecoin were to replace bitcoin, it’s energy use will certainly rise to similar levels, simply due to mining rewards, if not even higher because there are no halvings.

  2. That number for Doge is only accurate treating a block as a transaction. You can’t call your currency the fastest TPS, then flip to 1 TPM to make yourself seem energy efficient. The actual energy usage is about 7%-9% of BTC depending on difficulty which is an absolutely massive number considering it’s supposed be joke.

  3. You’re about to get torn apart by people who view their cryptocurrency as both their religion and self identity instead of the investment vessel it is.

    Nothing can be done to avoid this. I’m just trying to explain the screeching sound.

  4. >Energy consumption differences are even more stark when we compare the cost of a single transaction in each network. The Bitcoin network can only conduct roughly 5 transactions per second, for an energy cost per transaction of 830kWh. Ethereum can conduct around 15 transactions per second, for an energy cost per transaction of 50kWh. Tezos can conduct about 52 transactions per second, for an energy cost per transaction of 30mWh. The difference between Bitcoin and Tezos here is a factor of 25 million, the difference between Ethereum and Tezos is a factor of 1.5 million.




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