ENJ launching on Coinbase Pro

ENJ launching on Coinbase Pro

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  1. Welp, how do I have a Coinbase account and always find out about this news too late? Oh well -_-. Amazing project though definitely a future for crypto in gaming, plan to invest one day this is sure to make it easier.

  2. Preface: I barely know what I’m doing so take it all with a grain of salt. It’s purely speculation based on a fairly minimal bit of research. Do your own DD if you want, this isn’t advice.

    I was curious after seeing the announcement and seeing a callout in another thread that the ENJ spike kicked off a few hours before the announcement. Could be speculated that CB was loading up their wallet of crypto to support the launch.

    Looking back at the last batch of launches, they all spiked a good amount on the day of the announcement, dipped slightly during the following day, and then spiked up again on the launch day or during the weekend that followed before dipping to levels above the initial spike. Seems like a pretty consistent trend, and I’m sure people will be playing the spikes. Seems like the CB effect can be real.



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