$ESS Combines Wallet, Staking, and Masternodes from one Platform across Multiple Blockchains, DeFi under one roof. It even has its own Blockchain, with VERY active Devs.

Title says it all. It’s a three year old coin with an active dev team. They have their own wallet which allows you to store multiple coins and deploy Masternodes and staking within that wallet.

Essentia is preparing the launch on Binance Smart Chain (already on Testnet) AND THEY HAVE THEIR OWN BLOCKCHAIN, so developers can also use it. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it works pretty well. If you want to check it out, here are the related sites, feel free to do your own DD.

Website: [Click here!](

Data Guide: [Click here!](

Blockchain Explorer: [Click here!](

CoinGecko: [Click here!](

Medium: [Click here!](

Uniswap: [Click here!](

This project was funded during an ICO back in 2018 and survived the last bear market. The Mainnet and the first Block on their own blockchain started on Oct 28, 2019 and today we are only at the beginning of the real traffic.

With about $15m marketcap this project definitely a diamond in the rough. I think its only a question of time until this Project arrived in the top 100 in CMC.

Check it out.

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  1. Great post! I deployed a few masternodes earlier, very easy in the Essentia App. I love the feeling when i claim my rewards and start staking with them. Everthing in few clicks at one place. Earn rewards with rewards, no locking period 🔝😎!

  2. It’s a great project with super active Devs. The project has been around since 2018 with some reasonable investment to continue developing through the bear market. Now, just as the market is taking off everything is coming together.

    Their masternodes are cheap, they are refunding the fees to set them up until the end of June (I think) and both the Masternodes and staking are offering great returns.

    Personally I’m looking forward to their all things crypto Defi platform. That’s when I believe the token value will begin to shine.

    This project is definitely worth a deep dive by the folks on here. Yes I sound a little biased as I own some 😂….but I can’t understand how this project is so undervalued. Probably just exposure in a market with 1000s of projects to pick from. I’m sure there will be some huge upward price movement once the ESS BSC token is ready.



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