Eth 2.0 Could Be Ethereum’s Savior From the Wrath of Investors!

Eth 2.0 Could Be Ethereum’s Savior From the Wrath of Investors!

The second-largest crypto has been a go-to asset in the widespread applications of blockchain technology. Such as DeFi, and NFTs, which are on the rise lately. As the transactions need to be done with ETH, users have to bear Ethereum gas fees. Which is at an exponential rise, ever since the last update.  

Investors and Traders Opine Vividly?

Investors and traders of the crypto street have been expressing rancor over exorbitant gas fees. To which, some relate the high gas fees to be the scariest thing this Halloween. Sources suggest that the average ETH gas fees at press time are valued at $125 gwei. While the high gas fees values at 126 gwei. Which is around $40. 

Sections believe the gas fees could keep smaller investors and smaller projects out of the league. As it turns to be an elite affair with growing gas fees. On the other hand, sections express misery over traders complaining cover gas fees. Despite its fundamentals and contributions to the space. 

In addition, enthusiast highlights that $200 of gas fees today to be similar to $100 a few months ago. He also believes, higher gas fees translate to higher network usage, and ETH 2.0 could fix the shortcomings. While ETH 2.0 is in the pipeline, layer-2 scaling could still be the way to go.

Ethereum Price Analysis

 Ethereum Price at press time is trading at $4,362.29, with its market cap hovering around $517,308,805,910. And the 24-hour trading volume is around $18,366,003,846. With the dominance currently at 18.5%, the asset is attempting very hard to break the upper barriers to march above $4600.

The narrow trend and the steep plunges and rebound assisted a formation, an inverse head, and shoulder. The digital coin successfully sliced through the neckline at $4388 and is rallying high. However, in order to keep the bullish trend intact, the asset needs to stick above its neckline. Yet the price could head towards its highs of around the levels of $4,550 to $4,600 without retesting the neckline.  

Collectively, ETH gas fees are a concern for many traders and investors making transactions with ETH. Who is trading with NFTs, getting into De-Fi’s, and more? Which is taking away a significant portion of their holdings. Hopefully, with the commencement of ETH 2.0, we can expect situations to ease out. 

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