ETH-Based Mirror Blogging Platform Has Just Opened Up: Report

ETH-Based Mirror Blogging Platform Has Just Opened Up: Report

The ETH-based Mirror blogging platform has just opened up and it seems that the publishing protocol is moving past the popularity contest model while entering the subscription features and more as we are reading more in our latest Ethereum news today.

Mirror is a decentralized Ethereum-based publishing protocol that is moving past the contest model while eyeing subscriptions and other features ahead. The ETH-based Mirror is a decentralized blogging protocol that can now be used by anyone while in the past, the prospective users had to be voted in the existing community. Mirror first launched in December but now opened doors to all creators. Before the announcement today, the creators could gain access to Mirror by earning votes in the weekly WRITE Race. The existing users will have two hours to vote on the applications using the protocol’s WRITE token and will make it a popularity contest of sorts. The top 10 finishers will get an airdropped WRITE token which they can redeem for the Mirror-hosted .xyz blog.

While looking similar to the popular platform Medium, Mirror changes things with the array of crypto features and capabilities. The decentralized protocol allows users to log in and to signposts with the ETH wallet while also using a blockchain-based storage protocol Arweave to back up the posts permanently and to boost their censorship resistance. Over the past few months, Mirror added plenty of crypto-centric economic elements to enable monetization for users and unblock the ability to offer NFT collectibles, launch crowdfunding campaigns and hold auctions. Emily Segal funded her novel on Mirror for example and the creators of an upcoming documentary film about Ethereum raised $1.9 million worth of ETH via a crowdfunding drive on Mirror.

Mirror was used by blockchain-based projects as a crypto native way to share the updates to the community and it became a very popular tool for DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations. The DAO communities live within the Discord servers so Mirror provides a decentralized way to share long-term information. With the latest update, the WRITE Race is not necessary for publishing on the platform but Mirror still wants to offer incentives for users that went thorugh this process and are a part of the platform. The proejct wrote:

“Membership attained via $WRITE Race is evolving to represent decision-making power and stake in the future of the Mirror protocol and DAO.”

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