ETH market cap will go down this year due to the ridiculous gas fees – change my mind!

ETH market cap will go down this year due to the ridiculous gas fees – change my mind!

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  1. I mean, gas fees are high because it’s seeing tons of use. If use went down, then so would gas fees.

    I’m not so sure that ETH will crash just because of high gas fees, especially when many know that this is being worked on.

  2. Unfortunately lots of crypto investors do not actually care, they are just buying the assets to hold, if people actually cared about usability, BTC lightning would be popular and the next few coins would be tether, XLM and NANO probably.

  3. Let’s be realistic…

    1. ⁠How many developers does Cardano have to implement your road map? ETH has 7k. DOT has less but still hundreds more than even Cardano.
    2. ⁠ETH 2.0 is only 2 yrs out at most. Cardano 3 to 5 yrs. Why so long? See point 1.
    3. ⁠Partnerships? Like Visa, JP Morgan, Intel, and Microsoft. What partnerships does Cardano have? Serious question.
    4. ⁠Institutional backing? Novagratz, Raoul Pol and there’s another really big one that I can’t recall are in ETH corner… So with that said how many big institutions are getting behind Cardano? Serious question.
    5. ⁠ETH has an astounding eco system rebuilding finance from lending, borrowing, to collateralized loans and soon derivatives which is a $1.4 Quadrillion dollar market. It’s the biggest and dwarfs the second largest by magnitude, it’s real estate. So with that said what type of eco system will Cardano have in 2 years? Remember it took ETH 5 years to get where it is now and developers are hard to comeby and when they do come the build on the alpha chain, ETH. Are you saying cardano will do it in two years to usurp ETH’s De Fi eco system?

    I’ve been in the space for years. I’ve seen many eth killers come and go… Neo, Nano, Tron, EOS, Tezos… and the list goes on… Network affects the size of the Ethereum’s eco system is growing and the only thing you can say is, “It’s pipe is clogged…” when let’s be frank, the plumber is at the door…

    I’m starting to see the cognitive dissonance grow and expand in the Cardano community just as it had in the XRP community and that’s not sustainable… As a matter of fact after this bull run I can assure you that ADA will never rise again as the other ETH killers never did. This is just a dispassionate phenomena of markets. Nothing more, so don’t be upset as ETH gains more alpha year after year and Cardano doesn’t.

  4. to be fair, it’s not doing as good as i’d hoped it would due to the high gas fee’s. It’s not a surprise, it’s just common sense, honestly. If something doesn’t change, then yeah, i wouldn’t think twice about switching up the rest of my portfolio.

  5. Absolutely NOT. Exchanges working on changing to L2 solutions which are faster and cheaper.

    Also, ETH London update comes at summer which will burn some of the gas fee you pay therefore making ETH deflationary.

  6. So your argument is the massive adoption and demand for block space is bad for Ethereum and instead it should try and make people stop using the network so much in an industry where the network effect has been shown to be massive by Bitcoin.

    Are you suggesting I invest in one of the ghost chains that shills claim to be Ethereum killers?

    If only solutions were already available. Google the great Reddit scaling bake-off. Google optimistic roll ups.

  7. Yes, ok, It’s possible. But you all are fools if you think Vitalik and his team won’t do anything about this. You are assuming that the gas fees will be high forever! What’s gonna happen once they release the next update and the gas fees will drop? Don’t forget it’s Ethereum



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