ethbox to Launch Secured Transaction Support for Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot Ecosystems


Right now, ethbox offers unrivaled privacy and security for securing all your transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (including ERC-20 tokens). If you’re looking to safeguard your transactions anywhere on the planet when sending ETH or other Ethereum-backed tokens, ethbox is the best choice on the market with its secure smart contract and two-factor authentication.

However, this still means transactions in other cryptocurrencies on other blockchains might not have the same level of protection without ethbox. While cryptocurrencies have tons of benefits, there are still a number of malicious attacks and users can lose funds if they aren’t careful.

The good news is that ethbox will soon be rolling out full protection for two other crypto ecosystems: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polkadot. Users who make transactions in coins backed by the Polkadot and Binance blockchains will soon be able to benefit from all the security benefits ETH holders have been enjoying with ethbox.

ethbox functionality support for the BSC ecosystem is set to arrive by Q3 of 2021, with DOT support expected in 2022. This will give hodlers and users of a much larger range of different cryptocurrencies full peace of mind when making transactions using ethbox, securing the future of even more of the crypto space.

By offering support for transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, users of ethbox will be able to enjoy secure transactions for all the coins in BEP-20, including BNB and more.

The transition of ethbox to the Binance Smart Chain should be relatively easy—as it is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine framework.

All the tokens of the Polkadot ecosystem will also be supported by ethbox in 2022. This process is slightly slower as Polkadot’s technology is slightly different, requiring more work to get things 100% secure.

As you can see, ethbox looks set to continue to grow over the next few years to become the absolute pinnacle of crypto security. Crypto holders of other currencies have been crying out for the support and security features offered by ethbox on the Ethereum blockchain for some time. In the future, ethbox hopes to add even more blockchain support and will potentially secure an even greater number of crypto transactions.

By the time both Binance and Polkadot support is added, ethbox will have cornered the market by offering secure transactions for all the fastest-growing and the most important cryptocurrency ecosystems, and a huge number of coins under those umbrellas.

DOT and BNB have seen huge rises in price in recent weeks. This has attracted more attention to both coins—but also a greater need for secured transactions. These ecosystems look set to continue to grow, the hype around BNB is massive right now and prices have skyrocketed from around $45 to around $339 in only a month. BNB offers much faster transactions, which makes it appealing—but these transactions also need to be protected.

That makes ethbox the best choice for now for ETH transactions, and for the future with even more coins.

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