Ether is Undervalued: Ethereum 2.0 Upgrades Project a 5k Price Target

Ether is Undervalued: Ethereum 2.0 Upgrades Project a 5k Price Target

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  1. The title of the article you linked says 25k price target.. So which is it? 🤔

    Edit: Article predicts 5k in the short term and 25k-32k by 2024 based on stock to flow model

  2. It does have room to grow. It’s just the highway is too small for the time being and it’ll be alright once the construction is done. Hopeful, at least.


  3. tldr; Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, does not receive nearly as much attention as Bitcoin today. This is despite the truly disruptive potential of the Ethereum network, which has the potential to change how we conduct finance, build and deploy web applications, and even how we exchange and validate art. With the advent of ETH 2.0 in late 2021/2022, we believe these concerns will be addressed.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. Do we have any idea what the gas prices are going to be after ETH 2.0? I think that will have a big play in what the price does.

    Gas prices are still to damn high and they just came down some.



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