Ethereum Price On Fire, SAND, Arweave, Jasmy To Follow The Suit?

Ethereum Price On Fire, SAND, Arweave, Jasmy To Follow The Suit?

As the crypto space perpetuates to resist hurdles at each step of recovery, eventually the market has prospered to the grand altseason. After Bitcoin price has achieved its higher high in the interim of initial stages of Q4, gradually cash has gushed forth to the primary altcoin. The latest posh green charts all across the space have highlighted the cash flow to the majority of the altcoins. 

While the market leader Bitcoin has been trading around $61k with certain fluctuations. However, the star altcoin Ethereum has outperformed the most valued asset with 13.55% gains over the past week. On an interesting note, altcoins with decent market cap such as The Sandbox (SAND), Arweave (AR), and The Jasmy Coin (JASMY) have followed the footsteps of the altcoin leader. 

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Tug War Between Top 2 Market Leaders!

The rivalry between Bitcoin and Ethereum has turned out intense in Q4. While the flagship asset has run out of breath after claiming a new ATH of $66,930, the star altcoin has continued to glitter towards new milestones. In terms of address activity too, both are confronting neck-to-neck fights.  

A recent report from Santiment, a crypto metric platform highlights a significant surge in the new addresses created on the Ethereum blockchain. The analytics further pointed out the network growth celebration to 995k, exposing its largest week of outgrowth since Mid-May. While Bitcoin’s address activity lies around 1 million.

Twist in the Altseason!

Interestingly, altcoins with a larger market cap appear to have failed to find the pace with star altcoin. Notably, Cardano, Ripple, Dogecoin, and more haven’t shown their strong presence in the ongoing Altseason. On the other hand, coins with decent market cap such as SAND, Arweave, and Jasmy have created a lot of buzz across the space with their recent run. 

Another report from Santiment has revealed the top performing altcoins in the recent past. The SAND has been one of the rising tokens which have risen over 313% in the past week. In addition, the report further highlights individual breakouts of Arweave and Jasmy. 

Collectively, there appears to be a shift in the trader’s mindset as some of the altcoins under the top 10 such as ADA, XRP, and DOGE remained stagnant with no significant gains. Besides, Arweave which has recently hit ATH, in the discovery of claiming new highs. 

Jasmy coin, on the other hand, has flipped from $2.5 to $0.08 owing to the Chinese market crash in May. The coin is now exhibiting the solid potential to retrace its previous highs, and the latest jump of over 300% stands out as proof. On the whole, crypto has been observing a lot of twists in the ongoing bull cycles, through research before the investment is mandatory. 

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