Ethereum Upgrade, Which Will Reduce ETH Supply, Moves Into Final Stages.

Ethereum Upgrade, Which Will Reduce ETH Supply, Moves Into Final Stages.

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  1. As much as i believe in eip1559. Like everything else i invested in last few years… There looks to be too much hype and expectations. Feels like it could dump at the event. I hope this one doesn’t dump. Fyi my portfolio is 80%eth

  2. tldr; The London hard fork, a scheduled upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, is first making its way to the test networks. The upgrade will implement five EIPs, which must be broadly agreed upon by community members before they can be adopted. The most controversial change is EIP-1559, which alters how network fees work and how miners get compensated.

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  3. Hoping someone more informed can chime in here. If the method of reducing eth supply is via fee burn, but fees have been reduced drastically, exactly how much impact on eth supply can we really expect from this update?

    I think the retail meme is this will turn eth into a coin akin to btc supply wise, but the more I dig into it, the less that appears to be the case?

  4. In February, it wrote, “EIP 1559 burning tx fee is wealth redistribution, from miner to holder. That’s why so many people support it….But it is a tyranny of the majority in the name of better UX(in fact not). It is robbery.”

    Cry me a fucking river you GPU hog

  5. Fuck these miners

    robbery from miners to holders?

    Its more like less robbery from holders to miners lol. I love how they can just lie with their doublespeak

  6. I find it peculiar that everyone here is cheering up and saying “good news”, when if you read the article and listen to what miners have to say about these changes it’s not looking very good (calling it “robbery”).

    Does this hardfork have a high potential to split the currency? Is there any form of signalling/polling done among the major mining pools/miners?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m rather in favor of those changes, the reception here seems a bit too one-sided for such change to the miners’ revenues structure though.

  7. I get that miners are important for the block chain’s security and progress. But god damn the owners of these mining pools who are pushing back on the upgrade are some of the greediest mother fuckers I’ve ever heard. Their millions of dollars of yearly revenue from scalping actual users of the blockchain is coming to an abrupt end, and they can’t do anything but squeal or act like they are the victims.

    Cue Woody Harrelson wiping his tears with money.

  8. Has the Ethereum Foundation said anything about the regulatory timebomb this represents? Moving to PoS will make Ethereum into an unregistered security. I just hope regular joes can escape with their savings once the SEC brings the hammer down.

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