Ethereum will use an estimated 99.95% less energy post merge

TLDR: Under PoW, as the price of ETH and the hashrate are positively correlated. Therefore, as as the price increases, in equilibrium so too does the power consumed by the network. Under Proof-of-Stake, when the price of ETH increases, the security of the network does too (the value of the ETH at-stake is worth more), but the energy requirements remain unchanged.


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  1. Having my ETH staked now makes me feel so happy! I care much less about price action (even though it’s been sublime the past month) and feel like I’m contributing to the transition to ETH2, because I am! As a 2017 HODLer, ETH is definitely my favorite asset these days. Can’t wait to see 2.0

  2. You love to see it. While I get that not everyone is happy with PoS (richer get richer) it is needed to make crypto enviromental friendly. Besides mining was becoming more centralised every day. There is just no different proven solution viable. This helps with rewarding people for having skin in the game so to speak.



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