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The crypto space was shaken the other day by the latest vote that took place in the EU Parliament. The EU Parliament voted to impose new regulatory measures that would essentially prohibit anonymous crypto transactions.

Decrypt online magazine notes that the vote was first reported by CoinDesk, and soon after confirmed to Decrypt by Valeria Cusseddu, advisor to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

“The ECON and LIBE committees voted to approve a proposal that would require cryptocurrency service providers, such as exchanges, to collect personally identifiable information from individuals who transact more than 1,000 euros using so-called unhosted cryptocurrency wallets,” according to the same online publication mentioned above.

Though votes on several amendments were tight, the final draft was overwhelmingly approved.

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong addresses the vote

Brian Armstrong, CEO of U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase, tweeted that the proposal is “anti-innovation, anti-privacy, and anti-law enforcement.” He argued that it holds cryptocurrency to a different standard than fiat.

He continued and said:

Armstrong also said the following: “This eviscerates all of the EU’s work to be a global leader in privacy law and policy. It also disproportionately punishes crypto holders and erodes their individual rights in deeply concerning ways. It’s bad policy. ”

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