Even raising interest rates won’t stop the wage-price spiral that r/antiwork is brewing. This will be bigger than the gamestop movement. Bet on it with Bitcoin



Unlike previous wage price spirals, this time will have social movement. While desire to make more money starts the social movement, as we saw with gamestop, it will mutate into continuation based on spite towards past employer actions. Go read some post and comments on r/antiwork the rate that sub is growing is exponential.

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  1. Excellent. Most work is exploitative. Even if you’ve fallen for the propaganda that tells you to boast about how you enjoy it.

    There’s a lot of bullshit in the world needs to end. I’m skeptical enough will change to avoid an agonizing mass extinction (as opposed to as peaceful one as possible).

  2. If we believe that work should be mutually beneficial for both parties and is a contract like any other, then individuals exercising their discretion in accepting work that will value their worth, should be applauded. If companies want these people to work they should offer more.

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