Every Satoshi Counts – help us raise 0.3 BTC to provide free mental health for 1000 individuals!

‘Every Satoshi Counts’ is our slogan: [](

LogOut is helping children glued to their screens and educating parents.

Our goal is to raise 0.3 BTC to help 1000 individuals to join our free program.

We can make it with your support. By donation to our cause and by matching it with r/Bitcoin initiative: [](

So far we’ve managed to receive 0.035 BTC.

Here are all transactions:

Our free services are co-funded by local communities and governmental grants, thus with a relatively small donation, a big impact is achieved.

Here is link to support us: [](

Still, 0,265 BTC to go!

PS. We are accepting LN donations through our own BTC lightning node as well:

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